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IoT adoption has surged

This is our sixth Internet of Things (IoT) Barometer. Since the last edition, we’ve seen a significant acceleration in adoption. Over a third (34%) of businesses are now using IoT. They’re feeling more confident, scaling up and doing more with it. 84% of adopters say they have more confidence in IoT than 12 months ago. Download a copy of the IoT Barometer 2019 below.

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IoT is becoming business as usual

“Adopters are increasingly reliant on IoT. 76% say their IoT projects are already mission-critical — and some are finding it hard to imagine business without it. 8% say their “entire business depends on IoT”.”

IoT Barometer 2019: Interactive Tool

Want to delve deeper into this year’s findings?

With our interactive tool, you can filter charts by industry and region to display the results most relevant to your business.

Key findings

34% of companies are now using IoT.

76% of adopters say their IoT projects are already mission-critical.

87% of the most sophisticated organisations report significant returns from IoT.

Time for companies to take action

“The future of IoT is very exciting. But it isn’t just a technology for uber-innovative startups. Most IoT projects aren’t about creating headlines; they’re about delivering bottom-line results.”
Stefano Gastaut
Chief Executive Officer,
Vodafone IoT

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