Keeping your fleet management life simple

If you need to:
Have real-time fleet data to help you make the right business decisions
Save money on fleet spend
Protect your fleet employees
Run an effective fleet day-to-day
Move your fleet into a greener future, without the hassle

We can help

With our scalable telematics & fleet management solutions, for fleets of any size - Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics.

You'll be able to:
See how your whole fleet (Internal Combustion Engine & Electric Vehicle) is performing in real-time with our data - in one easy-to-use online platform and app, with customisable reports
Set rules for your vehicles and teams to follow while your fleet moves around - plus know your employees driving styles (e.g. braking, cornering etc) and work with them, to be safer drivers
Reduce repair costs through predictive maintenance and improved driving, and reduce fuel costs with better routes
Find better routes for your drivers to take and reduce vehicle idling time
Prevent driver incidents before they happen with alerts (in-cab cameras) or have road incident evidence at your fingertips (i.e. reduce insurance risks) – with forward-facing cameras
Manage compliance with EU Directives for employee safety and environmental sustainability (e.g. custom reports and proactive alerts on driving/resting times and tachograph readouts)
Use Green Fleet Dashboard insight to analyse your fleets performance, identify opportunities for improving, and set a new goal or target:
  • See how your average Fleet fuel economy improves over time & compares with other Fleets
  • Know how:
    • much your vehicles are idling
    • much your EVs help to lower fuel costs & emissions
    • to increase your EV utilisation
  • Understand your ICE (petrol) vehicle carbon footprint
  • Identify your drivers’ behaviours that need to be improved
Pair Green Fleet Dashboard with our Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment to know what moving your fleet over to EV's will mean for your business – and identify the best vehicles to replace
And know your data is safe and complying with General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR)

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Why Vodafone for fleet

World leading fleet management product and services, for any fleet size
Trusted by 35 global vehicle manufacturers
Over 45 years' experience in vehicle security and telematics
A sustainable business supporting you into a greener future - reducing its own carbon dioxide emissions of 520 tonnes
Fleet management platform supporting a wide range of Electric Vehicle makes and models - 200 and counting
Full EV support data above and beyond fleet tracking including: state of charge, charging status, power used, power added etc.
Managing 40 million connected vehicles across the world
Lowering your fleet fuel costs & improving fleet perfomance
Protecting your employees through safe driving behaviour
Your data in safe hands - experts in sensitive data management & protection
Ability to manage both Internal Combustion Engine (ICEs) and Electric Vehicles (EVs) in one platform