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Your IoT journey
Our Business Case Advisor
Stefano Gastaut Stefano Gastaut, Director IoT

This is an exciting moment for digital transformation for all organisations. The coming together of three key technologies – IoT, cloud, and Artificial Intelligence – mean that huge amounts of data can be collected, stored and processed faster than ever before, and at lower cost. That’s changing everything; business models, customer experience, and the societies we live in. It’s a huge opportunity, and one that Vodafone is committed to enabling for all our customers. Stefano Gastaut, Director IoT

Be inspired

IoT is a proven technology. It’s already inspiring radical changes to the way we rest, work and play. And it’s generating value for organisations in all sectors. Here are a range of examples that prove the point – and prove that IoT is changing our world for the better.

Be informed

At Vodafone we’re a global leader in the deployment of cutting edge IoT technologies in all sectors. We’ve used our experience to bring together a range of materials to help you understand not just the basics, but also strategies which will get you ahead of the competition.

Be reassured

As our renowned IoT Barometer Report shows, companies are concerned about the risks associated with IoT, especially in the areas of ROI, complexity, privacy and security. Our experts help you make sense of the issues, mitigate risk, and plan for a successful IoT project.

Be ready

The arguments around IoT are powerful but building a successful business case demands both inspiration and practicality. Find out how you can create a coherent argument based on specific technologies backed up with use-cases to communicate the value of IoT.


IoT is central to the rise of digital medicine and social care. It’s being used in hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, and people’s homes to transform medical practice for both healthcare providers and patients. It’s more efficient, cost-effective, and provides useful insights. Jon Lee-Davey offers a global perspective.


Roberto Polli believes that IoT technology is not only transforming the way cars are made, but also how they’re sold, rented, and driven. IoT is unlocking a whole new world of customer engagement and value for OEMs, which need to keep up with changing trends of ownership and usage.

Security and monitoring

IoT devices can see more and provide a constant view of what is or isn’t happening anywhere and everywhere. That boosts the security of places, people and things. Real-time alerts mean that when a response is needed it's swift and decisive. IoT deters as well as informs. Find out how.

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