How Cyber Ready is your business?

Only one in four businesses globally is Cyber Ready today – and those organisations enjoy greater trust and higher growth than their less ready rivals.

This report investigates Cyber Readiness levels and trends worldwide, focusing on its effect on businesses, both large and small, the employees within them and the consumers who buy their products and services.

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The cyber security landscape is always in a state of flux, but currently only 29% of business decision makers feel their organisation is ready for the future. Businesses need to be proactive to overcome the ever-changing security threats and challenges thrown at them – ultimately, to survive and thrive, they need to become Cyber Ready. The Vodafone Cyber Ready Barometer report paints a fascinating picture of the levels of Cyber Readiness in businesses today.

With responses from 1,528 enterprise and public sector executives and 3,218 employees and consumers across 9 countries, it charts shifting cyber security attitudes, drivers, barriers and the relationship with business performance. The report shows, almost without exception, that the more Cyber Ready a business, the bigger the success.

Whether you’re a security professional in a large enterprise or an IT decision maker in a small business, the Cyber Ready Barometer is an essential guide to what’s truly happening in the business cyber security scene – with detailed insight from employees within those companies and the citizens they deal with.

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“46% of businesses agreed that they are unsure of who can help with information security challenges, an increase of 5% since 2017”
Source: Vodafone Cyber Ready Barometer Report, 2018

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“The Cyber Ready Barometer has taken a pressure reading on the level of cyber readiness in the market. We’re excited to share some stunning insights, including highlighting how winning organisations are already harnessing cyber security to drive growth and provide competitive differentiation.”

Maureen Kaplan
Vodafone Enterprise Cyber Security Lead

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